Concession of water schemes still pending

Promise: “Complete the concession of water schemes in the state to ensure that the first four urban areas– Awka, Nnewi and Ekwulobia have access to pipe-borne water within three years in office”

Echezona Ezeh
October 7, 2023
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Governor Charles Soludo has yet to kick off this project since he was sworn in. It is pertinent to note that Water Schemes play a crucial role in ensuring the availability of clean water for various purposes which include;

Access to Clean Drinking Water: Water schemes provide a reliable supply of clean and safe drinking water to the residents of the state. Access to clean water is essential for maintaining good health and preventing waterborne diseases.

Improved Public Health: Adequate water supply and sanitation facilities lead to improved public health outcomes. Properly managed water schemes reduce the risk of water-related illnesses and contribute to a healthier population.

Agricultural Development:  Water schemes support agriculture by providing irrigation water for crops. Increased agricultural productivity helps to boost food security, enhance livelihoods for farmers, and contribute to the state's economy.

Industrial and Economic Growth: Industries and businesses rely heavily on water for various processes. A consistent and sufficient water supply enables industrial development and economic growth, attracting investments and generating employment opportunities.

Resilience to Drought and Climate Change:  Water schemes, such as reservoirs and groundwater management, can help the state cope with droughts and fluctuations in rainfall patterns caused by climate change. They provide a buffer against water shortages during dry spells.

Social Equity and Gender Equality: Improved water access can reduce the burden on women and girls who often bear the responsibility of fetching water for households. It can also promote social equity by ensuring that marginalized communities have equal access to water resources.

Urban Development: In urban areas, water schemes are vital for providing water to households, commercial establishments, and public facilities. They are essential for sustainable urban development and supporting a growing population.

In summary, water schemes are fundamental to the overall development and well-being of a state and its concession can be of significant importance and would lead to Efficient Management, Infrastructure Investment, Technology and Innovation, Risk Sharing between the government and the private concessionaire, Focus on Customer Service, Faster Implementation, and Revenue Generation which would bring profit to both government and the private concessionaire.

On that note, we would like the Governor to act on this promise and not leave it on paper.