Soludo’s promise to publish state accounts regularly is yet to be fulfilled

Promise: “Continue and strengthen accountability initiatives such as publishing state accounts regularly”

Echezona Ezeh
October 7, 2023
min read

Gov. Charles Soludo in his Soludo Solution Manifesto promised to Continue and strengthen accountability initiatives such as publishing state accounts regularly.  It is also on record that on his inauguration day, he posted an acceptance speech on his Twitter page, a part of which read,

I pledge here again to devote every kobo of your tax money to work for you. This is your government. I am only your employee. I commit to a transparent, accountable, judicious, and impactful use of your tax money.

However, we would like to bring to your attention that no official record of state accounts has been published or announced thus far.

As stakeholders and concerned citizens, we believe that the ability to sustain the accountability initiatives promised is of utmost importance. Failing to do so would not only hinder progress but also undermine the trust and integrity of your government. We understand that fulfilling every promise can be challenging, but we strongly urge you to consider the significance of annual publication of state accounts as it would go a long way in ensuring transparency, trust, and accountability.

In light of the above, we kindly request and anticipate the fulfilment of your promise to continue and strengthen accountability initiatives, specifically by publishing state accounts regularly. We believe that by honouring this commitment, you will demonstrate your government's dedication to openness and honesty.